MOTU Chronicles – 1987 MOTU Movie

In 1987, the cinematic big screen was lit up with the arrival of the Masters of the Universe. Dolph Lundgren stepped into the role of He Man as the team travelled to 20th Century Earth to stop Skeletor from capturing the cosmic key.
Join Chris Vint and the team as they provide a commentary on the movie itself.
Masters of the Universe (stylized as Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture) is a 1987 American science fantasy action film directed by Gary Goddard, produced by Yoram Globus and by Menahem Golan and written by David Odell. The film stars Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Jon Cypher, Chelsea Field, Billy Barty, Courteney Cox, Robert Duncan McNeill, and Meg Foster. It is based on the Mattel toy line of the same name and tells the story of two teenagers who meet the mighty HeMan, who arrived on Earth by chance from planet Eternia and now goes on a mission to save the universe from the mighty evil Skeletor, his nemesis.
Masters of the Universe was released theatrically in the United States on August 7, 1987. It was a critical and commercial failure, grossing $17 million worldwide against a budget of $22 million, but is now regarded as a classic cult film

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