Retro Chat: Episode 3 – Transformers G1 and the Movie w/ Dan Barnsdall

Coming up on this edition of the Retro Chat podcast, we are travelling to the planet Cybertron where it is more then meets the eye. That’s right this week we are focusing on the Transformers, in particular Generation 1 and some conversation on the animated movie.

Andy is joined by his former TWS co-host Dan Barnsdall, who by admission is a lifelong Transformers fan to discuss the highs and lows of the series, as well as why Transformers is just as popular now then ever. As well as this we also chat about Covid-19, moving from podcasting to being a part of the industry and dealing with fans at events.

It is a fun episode, full of chat and conversation and we hope you enjoy.

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Next week on the show, we are looking at all things A Team, we break down and dissect the pilot episode.

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