Retro Chat Episode 7 – Masters of the Universe (200x Reboot)

Coming up on this edition of the Retro Chat podcast, we are joined by MOTU Chronicles host and MOTU Super Fan Chris Vint to breakdown and dissect the 200x reboot series from Mike Young Productions.

Over the course of the hour, we look at the reasons for its success and failures, the diffrences between this, the New Adventures and the Classic era as well as talking voice acting.

It is a fun episode with laughs, trivia and fun. Plus Chris has an announcement at the top of the show.

Coming up in the next few weeks we have some major guests coming to the podcast.

California Dreams star Jay Anthony Franke He-Man Author and Filmation historian James Eatock Former Mattel SVP Scott NaitilchIf you have any questions for any of these amazing guests then let me know by joining our socials or send me an email (

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