Retro Chat Episode 9: Memories of Owen Hart

On this edition of the Retro Chat podcast, we talk about the legacy of the icon that was Owen Hart. Joining me to chat through this subject is my former TWS co-host Dan Barnsdall. We talk about when we first saw Owen compete, how he established himself during his feud with Bret Hart, his king of the ring win, joining the Hart Foundation and a whole lot more.

We also chat the latest wrestling news including the potential debuts of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson to AEW as well as the release of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

As well as this the Ultimate Kids Cartoon tournament has launched and Dan give his thoughts on match 1, which pits Bananaman against the Muppets (and Muppet Babies) as well as predicting another match in the tournament Transformers vs. Ducktales.

It is a jammed show and my thanks to Dan for coming on.

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